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The devastating wildfires of Dec. 30 forever changed our community and our hearts break for the thousands of people who lost their homes, were displaced or otherwise impacted.

Among them, are at least 40 Girl Scouts of Colorado members and their families. They are resilient. They are strong. And, they are not alone. 

Hundreds of Girl Scouts from around the state and the nation have asked how to help. They want to embrace their Girl Scout sisters in a circle of support. The outpouring of support is tremendous and the can-do attitude is a direct result of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.


How to help


Donate to the Sisterhood of Support
Disaster Relief Fund

Funds will be used to help girls across Colorado who have been impacted by natural disasters and personal tragedy.


Adopt a Troop

We'll connect you directly to a troop or Girl Scout family impacted by the fires.


Send a virtual
message of sisterhood

Use our Kudoboard to share your message with the Boulder County Girl Scout community.



Put together S.O.S - Sisterhood of Support kits for fellow Girl Scouts impacted by this disaster or other tragic situations.

What Our Clients Say

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